The Danish Chemical Society's Committee for Nomenclature (Kemisk Forenings Nomenklaturudvalg) establishes systematic chemical nomenclature in Danish based on the international nomenclature recommendations provided by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC).

The Committee manages the website Dansk Kemisk Nomenklatur, at which there is currently a facility for searching the more than 15,000 entries in the Committee's database of Danish chemical names, and where more facilities are to be set up later.

The Committee's recommendations are also available in Kemisk Ordbog, which has appeared as three editions of a printed book, the latest one in 2010, and is accessible on-line at

The members of the Committee are:

Ture Damhus (chairman), Mogens T. Jensen, Poul E. Andersen, Alan Mortensen, Søren Møller, Johan Vibenholt, and Rolf W. Berg.

Corresponding members: Keld Nielsen, Mette Malmqvist, Børge Riis Larsen, Erik Karlsen, Sven E. Harnung.


You can contact the Nomenclature Committee by writing to