Kemisk Forenings Rejsefond

Previously known as "Acta Chemica Scandinavicas rejsefond". Travel grants are awarded according to the rules attached as a separate document. Applications are being evaluated by a two-man committee comprising the president of The Danish Chemical Society and the Danish representative on the board of Förlagsföreningen Acta Chemica Scandinavica. Applications should be sent to the latter, i.e.

Kemisk Forenings Rejsefonds kriterier for at opnå rejsetilskud fra fonden er beskrevet her. Fonden har løbende ansøgningsfrist.

Sven E. Harnung
Associate Professor
Department of Chemisrty
H.C. Ørsted Institute
University of Copenhagen
Universitetsparken 5
DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø.
Phone (direct): (+45) 3532 0105. 

The FECS foundation
The organisation of the 6th FECS conference in Copenhagen on 26-28 August 1998 resulted in a small surplus of economic funds. The Danish Chemical Society distributes these funds as grants in order to support and FECS-related activities involving its members or Denmark. Support for travel expenses for the participation in FECS meetings, future FECS meetings and conferences held and organised in Denmark.

Applications are being evaluate by a three-man committee comprising the president of The Danish Chemical Society, the chairman of The Danish Society of Environmental Chemistry, and the Danish representative in FECS Division on Chemistry and the Environment. Applications are sent to The Danish Chemical Society.